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7th May 2009

8:08pm: Causality
2006: A brief foray at school, boned by recent revelations about my daughter's plight. I freak out and everything goes on the backburner. I barely manage to complete the classes I was already enrolled in. I had tried and failed for three months to become a crisis counselor on campus to honor a slain student. Exit stage right.

Today, 5/7/09: I have a lovely morning with a study group, attend a campus meeting of Clubs in my capacity as Black Student Union President (I am also a member of the Gay Straight Alliance and Environmental Club, how are you? ) Everything is going well, fine, predictable, pleasant. I attempt to visit with some instructors for various signatures....and find them stressed out about an awards ceremony happening later today. The crux is, a Scholarship for the very slain student I wanted to be a crisis counselor in the name of is to be a student who elected not to come to the ceremony. The Donor Family of the slain student WOULD be in attendance. I watched my teachers bat this around, while I sympathized idly, a bit out of sorts, unfocused. I got my signature and waited with them out of courtesy. The idea landed on all of us about the same time, but my Professors got really excited. They asked me to accept the reward for the scholarship recipient in my capacity as BSU President. I changed into formal clothes, attended an award ceremony with an ungodly amount of money being given out, and met the family of the Scholarship in question.

The circle closes...all it needs is time.
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30th April 2009

8:15am: The least note of Spector's leaving the GOP
This is not some call to start partisan sniping again, just a comment that really showed me this guy needs a PR flack on him 24/7.

“It’s interesting that people say the right has taken over the Republican Party — but no one can say what we’ve done,” Mr. Reagan said. “We’ve been closeted for the last eight years; it’s time for the right to come out of the closet.”

Amen, Mr. Reagan. Amen.

Sauce: NYT
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17th April 2009

9:54pm: Nerdtown-Pelere Stilton, The Mule Knight 's Feat Tree
Subject to change of course...

Pelere Stilton, The Mule KnightCollapse )
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15th April 2009

10:37am: Oh NOES Dominos!
I would never link to their current problem! NSFW, google it and revel in the horrors!

I just say...tip so, so, so hard to have this ever happen to you. Yikes.
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29th March 2009

2:28pm: Earth Hour under the dimmed lights of Embaracadero One SF CA USA
I'm with the Skyline Environmental Club, wandering through the Westfield Mall, slowly wending upstairs to the street for Earth Hour. We are a bit ahead of the wave; the usual drones of SF mobs are not yet aboard the Earth Hour /Lights Out idea. We go to Union Square for eats, and are too large a group for the Thai Place we find near Foley's Irish Eats. (Foley's has a new sign, by the way, HUGE NEON, barely recognized the place.)

Still waiting on our curries and Goong Gra Books, all the workers in the Thai Place look swamped. We crack jokes, but our leader Madeline is concerned about us making the 8:30pm lights-out landmark time for the Bay Bridge and the Pier 1 Clock Tower. We race-literally race-through the streets to a bus with our food, and land snorting and laughing with our victory. We make it in time, and eat after most of an hour was added to our apetites which the run helped. The lights clicked off a few seconds later to our yells of elation. We felt like the world was with us in this declaration for climate change, like we were a billion strong in this reach for a new accord to replace Kyoto, which expires in 2012.

The guys wait on me to finish eating and we check out the Durant Cafe, where a local environmental group is hosting a band which is powered by bikes anyone can ride to generate light and juice for the Amps.

We split, nearly total in victory. it worked out much better than I could have expected.
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1st March 2009

8:58am: Wondercon 2009 from a Cynic
I did not want to go.Collapse )
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17th February 2009

11:38am: Luvs! From me and R.K. Milholland to all the Ladies!
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11:34am: Zimbabwe Could Use Your Attention ( related )
Subject: Zimbabwe Needs Our Help


I just signed ONE's petition calling on the African Union to keep its promise to the new unity government of Zimbabwe and I hope you will too:

The consequences of years of poor governance in Zimbabwe are poverty and disease on a tragic scale demanding a global response. Public hospitals have been without running water for months, creating a petri dish for easily preventable killers such as cholera. More than 3,000 people have died in Africa's worst cholera epidemic in 19 years. Schools have been shut down because teachers can't be paid. The agricultural sector has collapsed, half the population requires emergency food aid, and humanitarian aid groups are struggling to keep up.

Now Zimbabwe has a new unity government, but in order for it to have any chance to tackle these problems, it is going to need the African Union to do everything in its power as guarantor of the new government.

Add your name to the petition and show the African Union that the world is watching what it does in Zimbabwe:
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12th February 2009

11:31am: Dundracon Weekend
I am running the 7th Seas Boxed set adventure "Freiburg", and attempting to finish it in 16 hours. I mistakenly signed up for two registered games when I only needed one (and a commitment from the players; alternately, I may have the lottery for my second game cancelled since I want the same group for both, or something, still figuring out how to back out of my screw up, cancelling is the easy solution.)

I am mostly running 7th Seas due to a request I received last year from the GM who ran it for me. He said he never gets to play, and that there are never enough 7th Sea games with GMs familiar with the setting. However....

There is one other 7th Seas game offered by a Registered GM like myself...and a LARP! The 7th Seas Larp will host about 40 players on Saturday, with a game time ending just about my game's start time. I expect eleven costumed players to try to crash my game. Sorry kids.

Otherwise, my loose expectations of DDCon are to get into or run some Forgotten Realms, Mage The Awakening and Mutants and Masterminds-Wild Cards. I am looking to play (not GM) any Arcanis d20 games. My entrance to DDCon is free in exchange for running one 8 hour game. It is possible I have been Operationally conditioned to appreciate this status since I was a teen. I skipped a few years just to be sure either way in the past, and I feel fine, if a little restless during those times.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend, please do text if you will be stopping in.
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6th February 2009

10:16pm: Women on Writing Conference Skyline College
March 7th 2009.

Read more...Collapse )

General early admission is 85$, $100 at the door. My instructor says (she teaches a seminar, so minor bias) that it is the equivalent of a conference she attends in New Mexico for $1000.

Featured authors are:

Julia Whitty (The Fragile Edge, A Tortoise for the Queen of Tonga, correspondent for Mother Jones,numerous awards.)

Nona Caspers (Heavier Than Air, Little Book of Days, The Blessed, Associate Professor SFSU)

Micheline Aharonian Marcom (Teaches at Mills, various awards)

Yiyun Li (A Thousand Years of Good Prayers, The Vagrants)

It's on International Womens Day! Come hang out! Oh, hell yes I'm going, Pat Murphy might be there! Also, 25$ for Skyline students. Yeah! Burns don't it!
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9th December 2008

1:01pm: Bush Ouster of Democratically Elected President definitely Impeachable High Crime
Have you met Jean-Bertrand Aristide?Collapse ) After changing policies in his nation to benefit the poor and reduce benefits for the privileged and the IMF World Bank, he was kidnapped by US Special Forces, taken (little better than renditioned IMHO) to the (then) corrupt Government of the Central African Republic, without Cuniform (the malaria preventative), with his wife, with nothing but the clothes on their back. The special forces units used to depose Aristide had been training in the Dominican Republic for four years. In exchange for viewing their government as legitimate, Secretary Rice told then Dictator Mombosi that Canada, France and the US wanted Aristide held there, indefinitely.

Randall Robinson of TransAmerica, a Pan African Advocacy group, Rep. Maxine Waters (RIP), and Aristide's House Counsel took a trip in the night to go rescue him, and deliver Aristide from the US proxies to Jamaica, where the President opposed Secretary Rice's direct threats of military strikes to house Aristide until safe sanctuary could be arranged in South Africa, where he resides in exile as Haiti's legitimate President.

Here is Randall Robinson's personal testimonyCollapse ) of events.

We don't need to slam Bush with some fancy Murder charge by proxies. We don't need to set a elaborate case for wiretapping or waterboarding, or penetrate his CIA handlers with a whistleblower to prove Rendition is still going on (good luck with that, they are obviously really fucking good at their jobs.)

There are witnesses all over the Carribean who can tell you about the US Troops they saw move into Haiti that night. That action was COMPLETELY illegal, a violation of UN Charter, the US Constitution, and I hope the death of the Bush White House Legacy. It is not enough to let him skip town, saying he 'upheld the honor and decency' of the Presidential Seal. He made a mockery of it; it is easy to prove, and it is easy to prosecute. Try this, and watch the pins fall. You think Libby was big? This is the linchpin that nets Rove, Rice and Hadley directly, and I mean as little as censure and as much as arrest and jail time.

For the curious, Aristide's direct memoir on the illegal US Coup here.Collapse ) I consider all heads of state to be less credible than direct observers. To be fair, Randall Robinson is a friend to the Aristides. I also consider him an impeccable source of American honor, the first man of Pan African Advocacy, if you will; he is personally responsible for forcing Reagan to participate in the ban on South African that broke Apartheid and later freed Nelson Mandela.

Still, if those associations are too close, try these:

The Aristide US Coup TimelineCollapse )

The Guardian(UK): Why they had to Crush AristideCollapse )

Many more links like these are at the bottom of Aristide's Wikipedia article, listed on top.
Nothing will beat Randall Robinson telling the story of Aristide's rescue to Jamaica directly though. He speaks to Harvard Law School's University Talk on his page, above. It's long, but really good from the point he begins describing Aristide's kidnapping to Central Africa's corrupt regime for 'safekeeping'.
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1st December 2008

4:05pm: Forces
I am likely to return to UCDavis in the proper position. After some flirtations with UCB, *looks longingly at Bolt Hall* in the end practicality has won out in a HUGE WAY.

I will update everyone in person of events, worry not!
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23rd November 2008

12:18am: Rock The School Bells (2nd Hip Hop Educational Symposium Skyline College)
Well, I have rarely wandered into good events as frequently as I have this week. I have just accepted some breezes gently drifting my way, and ended up at some incredible events.

Today, I got to meet the Mad Demonz (later known as Metia Cirkus) street robot krew, frequently seen on SF streets since 1978 or so, and met with members of the legendary Rock Steady Krew and K-Solo, not to mention the MC turned historian of hip hop extraordinaire Zulu Gremlin, who has his own instructional dvd series on bboy arts and a shoe line he didn't mention once during the whole day.

K-Solo was a particular treat; I started listening to EPMD when I was about 9 years old, and K-Solo and Redman were artists in their home studio. K-Solo has seen the ins and outs of the hip hop business, and we got to speak at the symposium about the protection of various forms of hip hop artists from the rapacious industry that wishes to cheat them of resources. Viral media and marketing make the role of protective entertainment law even more vital. I had not given it a serious thought until today.
K-Solo info : By the way, 'Your Mom's In My Business' was my track from 1991.

The other major find of the day was that Hip Hop was being used as a tool in Therapy for at risk youth; the lyrics, it turns out, when allowed to make a video or project like a show, are an excellent way to get terminal juveniles to find the positive side of their psyche, and get a success under their belt. Tomas Alvarez of "Beats, Rhyme and Life" did some incredible work with numerous groups of at risk youth. Know what his retention rate for the program was? 100%!!!
Check it:

At lunchtime in the school cafeteria/student center, a concert of anti violence rappers from Oakland were way too powerful for the predominately Filipino audience (not making loud noises or standing out are major Filipino cultural values in the mature), but were very good, and handed out free CDs.

There was an evening concert but I had another engagement.
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7th November 2008

12:09pm: Egyptians say that Ignorance is not bliss, but rather Evil
Which I mention by means of saying I am not eating responsibility with my people for Prop 8 no matter how much angry gays want it to be my fault.

Check the math.Collapse )

I make no excuses for anyone who voted on this bill, but we can safely spread the blame without tearing ourselves to shreds. We seek either enforcement of equal protections clauses in the base Federal or State Constitutions, A Presidential Signing Statement on the subject, or take it to the Supreme Court.

Get a Valium.

Take it.

Max Chill.


Make some signs for protests.

Protest on the doorstep of everyone who bought the Yes Campaign.

Protest on Washington.
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4th November 2008

8:07am: Voted in SSF City Hall
Voting Machines were inadequate, as was the location, but the turnout was minimal (about 20 people as doors opened, not strollers around the corner for three blocks like the East Coast.

I got a paper ballot as the voting confirmation machine was having drama. Slid backward in time about ten years. It's cool, I remember paper ballots. Crushed it.

Voted Barry Hermionson for Senate instead of Jackie Spiers, HAH! I like them both, but I'm Green Party fool! But Cythia McKinney? Not so much.

Off to the Black Student Union polling party. I'm bringing the Jagermeister.

Edit: File this under awesome; I have been waiting for this one. Fuel producing fungus.Collapse ) Get a few supertankers with a fungus food generation (tastes like soy, but it isn't!) and these producing free fuel, and we'll find ourselves a lot closer to the Federation.

Anyone can grow a fungus! Anyone!
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30th October 2008

8:36am: First They Came For The Other
In Germany, there is a kind of stomping stone, like a metal raised cobblestone, called a 'Stolperstein'.Collapse )

The metal is engraved with the information on former residents killed in the rise of fascist socialism in that country. The actual artist who created these memorials was very active placing them all over the country, but he was only one man.Collapse )

Do I believe there is a slippery slope to eroding civil rights? You bet your sweet ass, honey.

The first thing they come for is your right to date--your right to date a Jew, in this case. They change the laws, then they take steps toward enforcement that don't seem to be hurting anyone but the targeted group, like harrassing them with dogs as they try to date...oh yes, I know we would have to take a few fascist steps further to get there, you are quite right. Still, Fascism through a Fundamentalist Nationalist worldview sounds a bit more like us, eh? So we would have cops standing on the streets with Uzis, to protect ourselves from foreigners...just be a little more active than they have been already.

So instead of Martin Niemoller's 1955 poem-

"In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;
And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up."

We have the American style-

"In America, they came first for the Anarchists. And I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Anarchist.
And then they came for the Gays. And I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Gay.
And then they came for the Pagans. And I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Pagan.
And then....they came for me....and by that time there was no one left to speak up."

RIP Martin Neimoller, go with the grace brother.

To all those who didn't pay attention, 500K$US is being dropped on the Yes on 8 campaign by the mother of the douchebag who runs Blackwater in San Diego, their new home. God only knows how much she is spending to assist 'The Call', the fundamentalist hate fest going on in San Diego on Saturday. The darlings of the right wing--openly at war with tax sheltered funding, dumping it into your state to theocratize you. I don't see many of my friends on the fence (I was probably on it longer than most of you.) That's why I love you guys. Gay, Straight, Bi, Lesbian, Trans, with a lemon twist, I don't care. Y'all my dogs. I'm for whatever marching you got this weekend. Bring it on.
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27th October 2008

9:46pm: The 88 African Killings/14 African Beheadings Skinhead plan (oh, plus Assasinate Obama)
Idiots? Or operating on clear orders to make a symbol of devisiveness?

Here is the classic definition of a skinhead, proving the Nazi 'Boneheads' a flawed breed from jumpCollapse )

Here is the news on the 88/14 plan+assassination of Barack that the ATF foiledCollapse )

Here is my warning; nobody with Docs and a Swastika better approach within 1000 yards of me until I am sure this was a spike and not THE plan. That goes double for you goth morons in Goebbels-wear. You are KOS until I hear differently.
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24th October 2008

12:25pm: San Pedro Mixed Couple tells Yes on 8 protesters her mind (cropped from Daily Kos)
Today in San Pedro I saw a couple with their kids on the corner waving "Yes on 8" signs, so I went and bought some poster-board and made a "No on H8" sign and went and stood on the same corner.

This really upset them, because they "Couldn't tell who was honking for who". I pointed out that I was there to speak, not to try to convince myself that my bigotry was acceptable because it was shared by others.

The most adorable little old couple I've ever seen came strolling down the street, both about 5'4". They must have been 90, a tiny African-American Gentleman in a meticulously pressed cream-colored suit and Fedora and a cute little Caucasian lady.

The Woman reads the sign before they cross the street...And chants "No on 8" at a suprising volume as they approach. She goes up to the yes on 8 couple, asks where they're from, and they admit to being here from Utah.

She tells them that she and her husband fled Alabama 56 years ago to come to a place that wouldn't try to stop them from loving each other, and that they damn well better stop trying to "ruin her home with their ignorant hatred" unless they wanted to deal with her.

Her Husband stood there beaming with pride.

They tried to sputter some garbage about "teaching gay marriage in schools" and she told them she'd heard it all before in Alabama.

I was too shocked to ask for their names, and after the Gentleman tipped his hat to me they headed off down the hill. The Utah Invasion left. I stood around another thirty minutes, then headed home.

We cannot win this on Television. Don't get me wrong, if my Unemployment wasn't running out, and if I wasn't about to lose my apartment, and if I had any hope in hell of finding a job (Contruction Field..I am well and truly F'd) I'd be donating to the No On 8 campaign.

However, we have to hit the streets and hit them big. We need visibility. We need to show that "ordinary people" are against 8. Everytime the American Taliban protests, we need rapid reaction. They can't handle a debate. They are extremely poorly informed and don't know much other than "this is what my church told me". They are rather easily discouraged.

The No on 8 campaign is being run as a head to head fight for air-time, when we're outgunned four to one. We are long past time for an insurgent campaign.

This is the State that shot down the attempt of the Fundie Freaks to bar LGBT person from teaching in our public schools. This is the State that shot down horrific discriminatory legislation against persons with HIV in 1986, at the peak of the AIDS hysteria.

This my home, and I will not surrender it to the forces of the Salt Lake Taliban, or back down in the face of their Fatwah against the very concept of equality under the law. We must never forget that untill the 1970's this Church taught that it was a sin for any "White" person to have children with anyone who had "a drop of the blood of Cain".

They've got 10 million dollars to pour in...why haven't we got a million people to put into the street?

I may not have money for rent, but I've got a sign, two legs, and good friends who let me use a computer.

Damn, what can you say to that old lady! She has heard all this crap before! That's who we need, the 90 year olds of the freedom summer civil rights generation. We lost so much when they began to pass from this phase of existence. *sighs*
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9th October 2008

8:59am: The other, other, other Webcomics host: Drunk Duck

I have enjoyed a few of their comics, worth a whirl. I really love watching the creators go from amateur to professional in a few years time.

I have added Secret Lives of Penguins to my faves ( ), maybe a good superhero webcomic will be produced at last from such a spawning ground.
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23rd September 2008

12:07am: Oppression Olympics: The winner and new champion
Yeah, we pretty much win forever, and the prizes suck. I want reparations bad, thisCollapse ) is utter indefensible.

Less artistically poised and coherent, but no less effective; the loss of the mythical black city of artists lives on in our cultural memory like a ghost that refuses to die. People used to ask me why no one tried this when I was a kid. Here is the answer.Collapse )

6 years of internment and 6 million dead, I see you and raise you 6 centuries of amnesia, hegemony and murder, with 10-25 million killed in the middle passages alone. This is Maafa, the crime so big the mind cannot comtemplate it. That compensation for it is so slow in coming is not an accident.
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20th September 2008

11:30pm: A new game store joins the battle!
Alameda now apparently has it's own version of Eudomonia, with perfect timing. I propose we move the Shadowrun game there effective immediately. She can keep her shop open till 10. We should be sure to buy her out of munchies as a sign of good faith; she doesn't have much in the way of game books besides 4.0.

I will post her address later, if you want to chat with her yourself, the store number is 510-522-2109.

19th September 2008

5:42pm: January 12th, 2008: White House Does Not See a Recession
lol NYT repeats itCollapse )

September 18th, 2008
Congress informed the U.S. is literally 3 days away from complete financial meltdown.Collapse )

Betting on Warren Buffet is easy money! (assuming your bank will let you have your money.)

16th September 2008

3:40pm: Wonder what Puffy will think of this?
Exuberant fanboy newb Puff Daddy exclaimed upon seeing Hancock, as though there has never been a Black Superhero worth noting.

Now that the Milestone Heroes Icon, Static (Shock I guess if you follow cartoons), Rocket and the entire membership of the Shadow Cabinet will be official DC Universe Canon,Collapse ) I wonder what he will say?

I say this; please please god...just this once...let me get this one thing...let Xombi be included in the Shadow Cabinet members who move to the DCU...I pray for the first major Asian superhero; since the Grant Morrison heroes from 52 pretty much dried up or were used as petty nationalist antagonists. Please let me get what I want; I ask this for every Asian kid who dreamed of seeing a saavy superhero that looked like them one day on big American celluloid.
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4th September 2008

2:00pm: Jim Crow Era Alligator Eating the Coon Hats A Big Thrill At The RNC (again)
Wow, Thanks for setting back my opinion of your party to it's proper perspective guys.Collapse )

Some historical perspective for those unfamiliar with 'Ethnic Notions Jim Crow Era'Collapse ) memorabilia (which was basically 80 years of free ethnic slander across all advertising media against Africans, post civil war.)

I guess my question for Rockerfeller Republicans and Constitutional Conservative Republicans, Log Cabins and Pro Choice Republicans and so called Christian Republicans can you stand this association? How do you bear it?

I mean, the PUMAs are some pretty vacuous one topic fanatics, but JESUS CHRIST guys. You make them look GOOD.
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12:38pm: Palin's Wasilia Alaska: Meth Capital of the State ($27million in earmarks notwithstanding)
Purely on the issues, for your approval, a criticism of Palin, with information.Collapse )

Lets just get it out; she's a train wreck. I don't need any other reasons to pronounce her a failure at breaking from the corrupt republican mold. I'm much more concerned about her connections to Ted Steven's corrupt 527 and his son the lobbyist who controlled Abramhoff connected resources. The light will shine on her corruption; the only question will be when.
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